Defeat Task Overflow
with List Zero.

List Zero helps makers do 27% more by re-imagining the modern to-do list.

Reduce Overwhelm by 80%

Two small but mighty features, the Stack and the Ladder, reduce your list by 80%, and keep you laser-focused on the smallest next step.

Trigger Flow Faster

Flow Mode hacks your brain, creating a craving to start key tasks and get into flow. At its core is music and a UI trigger, and it is enhanced by Pomodoros and shortcuts.

Celebrate Your Conquests

Celebrating your conquests – big and small – builds momentum. We help you build your momentum with celebrations and reminders of your victories.

Reflect and Reap the Rewards

Replace "What did I even do this week?" with a clear record of where your time went, so you can continually make small 1% improvements.

Pays for itself in the first 15 extra minutes of productivity.

List Zero gives you hours of time back per week. Try it for free for 2 weeks and see how it works for you.

$ 4 /mo

2 week free trial

Keyboard driven

Motivation-boosting celebrations

Flow music (+Spotify)

Snooze away distraction

Capture lightbulb moments

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Who We Are

List Zero is founded by Nathan Lippi, whose long term mission is to build tools that influence human behavior for the better.

He was frustrated with the limitations of current productivity tools, and believes his obsession with habit formation, SaaS, and user experience position him well for solving the problem.

We're just getting started, and are open to ideas and collaboration.

Many thanks to Ming Neet (lead developer), Christophe Abiragi (investor) and many early users who have influenced and continue to help us to drive List Zero towards excellence.

Can't wait to have you join us.

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